Dark Protector By Katie Reus

This novel was my least favorite in this whole series. It didn’t seem to have a lot going for it at times. An the actual content in this novel was rather poor. It wasn’t at all like the first five in this series. It almost seems like it was rushed and thrown together very hazardly. Which made for a rather depressing read. Especially when I expected so much more from Katie Reus at this point.

Ever since the loss of his mate a century ago Aldric has never been the same. He spent the first few decades wandering around, but after some time he decided that enough was enough. At which point he decided to do something with his life. Which for him meant becoming a supernatural investigator. Or a man for hire as some people like to call him. And it’s during one of his many investigations that he meets Natalia. However, he tells himself that he can’t have her and has stayed away ever since. Because he refuses to be unfaithful to the mate that he lost. So in an attempt to forget Natalia he avoids her at all cost. But he can’t avoid her forever when a new assignment comes up. One that Natalia has been asked to be a part of. Natalia of course agrees to the assignment, but isn’t too thrilled about being near Aldric again. After he turned her away the last time they were together, she swore that she’d never give him a second chance. A vow that she meant with her very being after the way he treated her. However, Aldric may have very different plans from her own. For Aldric has come to realize that he needs to move on with his life. And the person that he wants to do that with is Natalia. But she’s not having any of that. She’s determined to get through this assignment as quickly as possible, so that she can leave Aldric sooner. However, Natalia just made Aldric’s mind for him. Because if there’s one thing that he loves it’s a challenge.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. However, it can be located in the romance section of any bookstore. Even though it’s full of shifters and magic, the romance still seems to pull out. But what really gets this novel pumping is all the action and fight scenes that are within it. They just seem to have this charismatic pull to them that makes you want to read more and more. Making it to where these novels just keep getting more and more addicting. Leaving me to give this novel a good final recommendation. For it’s the kind of novel that goes perfectly with the rest of this series, even if it is a bit boring at times. So if you’re big fan of this series, then I highly recommend that you give this novel a try.


*Read on October 9th, 2017

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