Dark Seduction By Brenda Joyce

I’ll be quite honest in regards to this novel. It confused the hell out of me in the first few chapters. Starting off right in the middle of the novel and then switching back to the beginning wasn’t a very smart move. It almost made me quit reading, because my confusion just kept getting worse and worse. It wasn’t until I was one fourth of the way into it that it actually started to make sense. But by then it was honestly too late for me. I was reading it more out of obligation than anything else.

Ever since her mother passed away- when she was a child- Claire has been afraid of the dark. Not the dark specifically, but of what happens to women in it. Because pleasure crimes have come to a standing increase lately, and Claire doesn’t want to end up like her mother. So when she opened up her own bookstore she invested in the best security to keep her safe. But unfortunately even that doesn’t stop a crazy woman from breaking into her store. A woman so crazy that she not only broke in her door, but swears that they know each other as well. Even when Claire insists she’s never seen her before in her life. But that’s not even the weirdest part of the night. That comes after the woman who broke in knocks her unconscious. At which point a mysterious man pops out of nowhere spouting off a bunch of nonsense. Nonsense like how he’s from the past and how he needs her help in finding a missing page. A page that was supposedly in her own bookstore, but has now vanished again. However, Claire is having none of it and refuses to go anywhere with him. But what she doesn’t understand is that she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. A fact that Malcolm proves to her when he takes her back in time. And Claire handles it way better than Malcolm imagined. Because instead of being scared or afraid Claire’s more excited and awed. That is, until they are attacked by a group of evil beings. Which is when Claire finally starts to realize how much danger she’s truly in.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. Even if it could also be considered a syfy novel as well. If only for the simple fact that it has a time travel theme to it. However, the plot to this novel is most certainly the romantic sort. For the main characters of this novel do lead towards that. It’s the type of novel that will keep your mind guessing at what will happen next. Even if the next step was to only confuse you in the long run. Which is ultimately does to its readers. Meaning that while the story was going really well in the romance area, it was ultimately lacking in the plot-making-clear-sense area. Leaving it all down to the final recommendation for this novel. And it’s only an okay one by my higher standard. Because it was lacking in certain areas, which ultimately lets the readers down in the end.


*Read on August 2nd, 2017

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