Empire of Storms By Sarah J. Maas

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many emotions hit me all at once while reading the ending to a novel. It left me with such a raw feeling, that I still can’t quite describe it. It was so powerful that I automatically wanted to read the next one. An when I realized that I didn’t have it I got extremely upset. Mostly because Sarah J. Maas has got me hooked on a terrific series. And it’s one that I want to finish as soon as possible.

Now that Aelin has Aedion back things can go according to plan. Meaning that she plans on taking her kingdom back by whatever means are necessary. Even if it means that she has to crack a few heads together to accomplish that. Which may very well end up being the case once she comes face-to-face with the Lord Darrow. The very man who refuses to give her back her kingdom. Saying that she has no business being in the country unless it’s to declare war. However, after a bit of talking he does say that the only way Aelin will ever get her kingdom back is if she raises an army. But what Lord Darrow doesn’t realize is that once Aelin sets her sights on a challenge, she can then accomplish anything. But there are some people who are starting to lose their faith in her. Ren and Aedion being the main skeptic ones. And that’s not the only thing that Aelin has to go up against. For Lorcan is after her now as well. Because she has something that he wants. Something that she managed to swindle him out of. But now that Lorcan has Aelin in his sight, so does Maeve. And the Queen is ticked off like never before. She is determined to make Aelin hers, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get her. Including manipulating Rowan into Aelin life, just so that she can gain the upper hand. An she’s very close to gaining it. Which is exactly what Aelin is afraid of. So she’s come up with her own plan, just in case Maeve decides to strike sooner rather than later.

This novel can be found in the young adult urban fantasy section of any bookstore. In the best-selling section right next to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. For this novel is full of magic, assassins, fae, and so much more. Which is why this novel has some of the most amazing characters within it as well. They’re full of action, passion, mystery, wonderment, and fighting scenes that make war movies look like cheap films. Which only made my final recommendation for this novel that much better. For this novel would make any young adult urban fantasy lover cry out with joy. It keeps you hooked into it for a long time, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you won’t forget about it anytime soon.


*Read on October 12th, 2017

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