Frost Burned By Patricia Briggs

I’m not going to lie, this novel made me sad. Even when I already knew what would happen, I still wasn’t prepared for it. Which tells you the magnitude that’s behind this novel. For it’s a powerful thing that really shows what a fantastic writer Patricia Briggs is. She knows how to captivate her readers in such a way that they’re hooked for life. Because that’s just how great her Mercedes Thompson series truly is.

If there’s one thing that Mercy hates its crowded spaces. So the fact that she’s doing some Black Friday shopping with Jessie is a miracle. One that Mercy isn’t so sure she’ll survive. Especially when a searing pain causes her to get into a car accident. But regardless of that pain, all she can think about is getting home to Adam. Because something is very wrong, and the Pack bond has gone quiet. Making Mercy worry even more than she already was. So in preparation for the worst she goes to her garage first. And when Ben latches onto her -out of the middle of nowhere- she realizes that something is indeed very wrong. Because according to Ben, Adam and the rest of the pack have been kidnapped. By men who are highly organized and well-trained. Leaving Mercy to believe that it may have been government officials lashing out at them. Due to the political battle that the Marrock has been fighting. Where werewolves can be free to be who they really are. But Mercy doesn’t care about that at all. All she cares about is getting Adam an the Pack home safely. And she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Even if it means forming an alliance with the very people that she’s trying to stay away from. Because at the moment the vampires are her best bet for getting her Pack back safely. However, the worst thing possible happens when Mercy feels one of her pack members die through their bond. And now it feels as though time is running out, and Mercy is going to do anything possible to save her family.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that has a little bit of romance added into the mix. But regardless of that this novel is chock-full of werewolves, vampires, shifters, witches, and so much more. It’s got so much going on within it that it makes the plot seem trivial. Which is pretty hard to do considering that it’s a plot well worth the wait. Meaning that Patricia Briggs certainly knows how to keep us in suspense after all these years. An because of that this novel has gone too far in the urban fantasy world. Leave me to give this novel a very excellent recommendation. For this novel is certainly one of the best in this series by far. It’s a novel worthy of any true urban fantasy lover anywhere. So run to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today. For it surely won’t disappoint you in any way.


*Read on March 28th, 2013

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