Frostblood By Elly Blake

I wasn’t nearly as impressed with this novel as I was hoping to be. I thought in my mind -or I had dreamed- it to be quite similar to Red Queen. When in reality I shouldn’t have been thinking that at all. Which was ultimately part of the downfall. Because it’s not similar to Red Queen at all. Which just made this really depressing for me, and a bit boring as well. When in all honesty I could have probably enjoyed it a wee bit more.

All that Ruby has ever wanted was to live normally with her mother. But since she’s a fireblood she has to keep her secret safe. Otherwise the King’s men will come and take her away. An once a fireblood is in the King’s hands, they don’t ever come back. Meaning that Ruby can’t even practice harnessing her own power for the greater good. For if she tries it may lead the wrong people to her. But regardless of that fear, Ruby does practice her gift. And now the King’s men have come to take her away. However, Ruby’s mother will do anything to prevent that from happening to her. An in the skirmish she’s brutally killed by one of the men. Leaving Ruby in such a fury that her power unfolds around her, until she’s mercifully knocked out. Which isn’t even the worst to come for her. Because she’s left to rot in a prison cell until the King makes her fight to her death. But not if the Rebels have anything to do with it. For Ruby may be their only chance to take back the throne. An Arcus is the only one who can step up and train Ruby for that day. The day that Ruby will ultimately get her revenge for her mother’s death. However, Ruby doesn’t know if she can do what the Rebels want. Her powers aren’t that great and the only one who can train her is Arcus. The most annoying man to ever live, an one who hates her with a passion. One that he’s more than willing to let her know about. Which only makes matters for her even worse, because Ruby is starting to believe that she may actually be falling in love with him.

This novel would be considered a young adult fantasy novel, which can be found in the young adult section of any bookstore. However, it most definitely won’t be with any of the best-selling novels. This is for the simple fact that this novel is quite boring and is honestly a lackluster. The plot of this novel has no true meaning and is honestly all over the place. Even the characters within this novel are truly boring. They’re all dull to the max and require extensive work just to upkeep them. Which is the exact reason as to why I’m giving this novel such a bad recommendation. For this is truly an awful novel and should be treated as such. This is one of those instances that I’m allowed to say to never read this novel at all. There are way better novels out there that actually deserve to be read over this one.


*Read on October 30th, 2017

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