Hunter Reborn By Katie Reus

This was my second most anticipated novel to read. For its story seems like it would be just as good as Avenger’s Heat. And it was just as good if not better. Because these characters were like fire and ice when they were together. But once they started interacting more they went together beautifully. In such a way that it’s more than expected by Katie Reus at this point in her series.

Aiden has felt lost for many decades now. The one person who he truly loved was taken away from him, and he’s never been the same. What’s even worse is that he never truly found out what happened to her. Her parents refused to talk to him and his parents proceeded to kick him out of his Pack. All because his mate Larissa was a pure-blooded vampire. One that he’ll never be able to see ever again. An while he’s come to accept that, he’ll never actually ever forget her. So when he catches her scent at a nightclub his heart stops. He knows that it’s really Larissa and he’s determined to find her, before he loses her again. However, Larissa doesn’t want to go with him. Ever since Larissa was woken up all she’s heard about is the shifter name Aiden. How he killed her parents after she was asleep, and that she’s next on his list. So when she comes face-to-face with her soon-to-be murder she does the most sensible thing that she can do. She runs away from him. However, now that Aiden’s found her again he refuses to let her go. And now Aiden has to somehow get Larissa to remember him as the man that she used to know. But that’s not Aiden’s only problem to worry about. It seems that a group of rogue vampires are out to get Larissa, and they’re not afraid to use force. Leaving Aiden to realize that Larissa may be in more danger than she realizes. Meaning that he now has to come up with the way for her to remember him even quicker. Otherwise he may lose her again.

This novel can be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. However, it can be located in the romance section of any bookstore. Even though it has shifters, magic, and vampires within it. The plot twist that is within this novel is also to die for. It plays on the heartstrings of the readers. Giving us a scenario that can almost be believable in the real world, if it wasn’t for the magic. This is the exact reason as to why Katie Reus’s novels have gone so far. It’s for the simple fact that they’re very well written, and combine both fiction and nonfiction events in her novels. Leaving me to give this novel a very excellent recommendation. For this is a novel that will catch the eye of any urban fantasy lover out there. It’ll keep you hooked in to the point to where you won’t want to put this novel down. So run to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today. It’s surely worth both the wait and the read.


*Read on April 22nd, 2015

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