Iron Kissed By Patricia Briggs

This is still my favorite novel in this whole series by far. It just has so much raw potential to it. Which only made it that much better to read. But if I’m being quite honest it isn’t that hard when you have an amazing author like Patricia Briggs writing it for you. She just has this amazing quality about her novels. Mostly due to the fact that they feel so real. It’s real in the sense that I actually want to be a part of it if I could.

Mercy has been on her toes ever since she killed Andre. Because of the vampires found out about it they’d come gunning for her. And not only her, but the pack and Stefan as well. But it’s not the vampires that come looking for her. In the end it’s the fae, or Zee to be quite frank. Because something is happening on the Walla Walla reservation, and Uncle Mike seems to think that she can help. For the fae seem to think that it was an inside job. And they seem to think that Mercy’s nose can track that person down. So when Zee calls in her debt she has no reason to disagree. Especially, since she would be considered debt free to the fae. Which is always a good thing. However, something about the crime scene isn’t quite right. An when Zee doesn’t explain anything to her she goes on high alert. Even more so when she finds the scent of the same human at each crime scene. But Zee and Uncle Mike only brush it off, so Mercy has no choice but to let it go. However, that all changes when she finds out that Zee has been taken in for murder. A murder that she’s one hundred percent sure he didn’t commit. No matter what kind of past he may have. An when the Gray Lords insist that Zee be the man to take the fall Mercy steps in. There’s no way that she’s going to let one of her friends mysteriously died in prison. Especially if there’s a chance that she can stop it. However, there are other forces in play here that don’t want Mercy anywhere near the case. Making it quite clear to her from the beginning that she needs to stop. But this isn’t Mercy’s first time being hunted. And that’s unfortunately exactly what’s going to happen.

This novel can be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. Even though there’s clearly some paranormal romance going on within it. Although, it’s nothing compared to the main character in this novel. For it’s a strong female lead that has courage, wits, beauty, and enough brawn to handle anything that comes her way. Which is the exact reason as to why this series is so popular. Combine all that with the pot to this novel and you’ve got an exciting adventure that’s bound to keep you up at night with anticipation. Leaving me to give this novel an excellent recommendation in its overall performance. For this novel is one of a kind in a series that surely surpasses others. It’ll keep you addicted to it for a long time coming, until you finally just give in and go buy it for yourself. So go to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today. For surely won’t disappoint you at all.


*Read on November 15, 2012

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