Mating Instinct By Katie Reus

This novel was second on my favorite list for this whole series. And it will probably stay there for a long time. Because while I waited a short while for this novel to come out, there’s another novel that I’ve waited longer to read. But that doesn’t mean that I like this novel any less, because that’s not true. It’s a novel unique to itself, and it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed immensely.

Kat is having a hard time coming to terms with what she is. More over she’s having a hard time understanding the Shifter Rules and being by herself is starting to take its toll. However, this has more to do with the fact that Jayce is constantly around than anything else. Because the last thing she needs is her ex-boyfriend stalking her even more. And that’s exactly what Jayce is going to do, because he’s never going to let her get hurt again. Especially if he’s around to stop it. So to make up for his lack of appearance Jayce has decided to take over Kat’s training. Because while Aiden is showing her what it takes to control her wolf, he’s not showing her how to defend yourself. Which is a skill that both Kat and Jayce think she should know. An right now Kat is livid that Jayce would pull rank over Aiden because of her, she’s also slightly intrigued. For even though Kat talks a big game, she’s never really gotten over Jayce. But she also can’t let the fact that he lied to her go. Especially when it was over something that was so important to her. An when it comes down to Jayce that’s all she can think about. However, when it comes to Jayce, Kat is all that he can think about. Which is the main reason behind his need to see her trained properly. So that he can be around her as much as possible. And in hopes of convincing her that she’s his one and only Mate. But that unfortunately comes with a high price, and Jayce doesn’t know if he wants Kat to be around it. Because being the Enforcer’s Mate means that she’ll constantly be hunted. An Jayce doesn’t know if he can let her risk that.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. However, it could also be classified as an urban fantasy novel too. For it’s a novel full of shifters and other sorts of magic. One that has two of the best well-thought-out characters in this series. They’re like fire and ice with each other, and it’s definitely the perfect amount of chemistry for both of them. They complement each other with their different characteristics and the aspects that go right along with it. Making this novel truly something to behold. Leaving me to give it quite an excellent recommendation. For I highly recommend that you give this novel a go. It’s a fast-paced read that will keep you hooked for a long time. So run to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today. It’s definitely worth the read.


*Read on November 8th, 2014

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