Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

This is the second time that I’ve read this series, and I’m still in love with it. This is perhaps due to the fact that Patricia Briggs is one of the best urban fantasy writers that I’ve ever come across. And that’s truly saying something about her writing capabilities. Because I’m a big urban fantasy reader, and I’ve read quite a few urban fantasy series. However, this is still by far the best one that I’ve read. And I’m very proud to say that I own this entire series so far.

If there’s one thing that Mercy is good at it’s getting into trouble. But in her defense trouble usually finds her first. Or somebody else is the cause of it. And this time is no different than the last time she was in trouble. Because when a new teenage wolf shows up at her garage she decides to help him. Which could be the biggest mistake of her life if she’s not careful. For new werewolves have a harder time controlling their instincts, and Mercy just let one into her life. A very unsafe move on her part, but that’s not because of the new wolf. It’s the people who followed him that are the trouble. And something about them seems off. It’s almost like they aren’t in full control of their wolves either. Which is proven when Mercy kills one. It’s also the point of no return for her as well, because she’s forced to call Adam. The Alpha of the local pack, and a major pain in her ass. Because she knows that he only watches her for the Marrock. Who knows that trouble finds her wherever she goes. So when Adam shows up at her garage he’s more than pissed. More because of the fact that Mercy put herself at a major risk for harm than anything else. A risk that isn’t going to end anytime soon. For soon after Adam leaves with the new wolf they’re attacked! And Adams teenage daughter Jesse is taken. Leaving Mercy with an almost-dead angry Alpha on her hands. And with Adam almost at death’s door there’s only one place that Mercy can turn to. But that’s not what’s currently worrying her. She’s more afraid for Jesse’s life than anything else. It’s the only thing that’s keeping Mercy going. Because she knows that she’ll find her no matter what it takes.

This novel can only be classified as an urban fantasy novel. One that is dripping in a ton of different character aspects. Such as vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, and so much more. It’s an exciting adventure novel that will keep you on your toes. Especially considering all the plot twists that are within it. However, it’s the main character that really sets our hearts a light. She’s a fiery, passionate heroine that works in a man’s world, and knows how to play their games. Making her the best part of this novel to even begin with. Making my recommendation only that much easier to give, because this is a novel that any urban fantasy lover can get addicted to right away. It’s an amazing read that will work its way into your heart very quickly. And I for one am very glad to own it.


*Read on November 10th, 2012

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