Night Broken By Patricia Briggs

I want to say that this is my second favorite novel in this series. Just because of the simple fact that Christy is in it. Which added a whole lot of flavor to the mix. A well worth it flavor that was a long time in the making. An it worked out beautifully with this novel. It gave it its own brand of excitement, while also improving the storyline as well. Hence, the fact that it’s my second favorite.

Mercy and Adam are at a good place right now. The Pack is safe, and dealing with Peter’s death, and the vampires are currently leaving them alone. However, there’s only one vampire that Mercy is currently worried about. One that leeches off of Adam and who happens to go by the name Christy. Because after she finds herself in a bit of trouble she worms her way back into the Pack. And Mercy can’t just tell her to leave either. Not without an all-out in-Pack war. Which is the last thing that Mercy and Adam need right now. Leaving Mercy with just one choice on what to do, she lets Christy come home. Which becomes more problematic than anything else at the moment. For not only is Christy starting to turn the whole pack against Mercy, but it seems that she’s also brought along an uninvited guest. One that will do whatever it takes to get ahold of her. Even if it means killing everybody who gets in his way. And unfortunately for Mercy that’s exactly where she seems to be. Because when a stranger shows up at Mercy’s garage, demanding Christy be given back to him, Mercy shows him no quarter. An it’s at that point that he reveals to her his actual plan. Because this stranger knows that Adam won’t give Christy up without a fight. So to get back at Adam for stealing that which was his, he decides to take out Mercy himself. Leaving Mercy with no other choice but to fight back. However, Mercy isn’t sure that this is a fight that she’s going to be able to win.

This novel can be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. For it’s a novel full of werewolves, vampires, shifters, fae, and even God-like creatures of old lore. There’s drama, action, adventure, mystery, and a whole hell of a lot of passion. The twist that revolves around this plot is to die for as well. It comes well-endowed with epic fighting scenes, which I certainly had to reread over and over again. There just so well thought out that you have to go back and try to find any details that you may have missed before. Which is why I’m going to give this novel such an excellent recommendation. For this novel hooks you in and doesn’t let you go anytime soon. It’ll have any urban fantasy lover addicted to it in no time. And I highly recommend that you give this novel a try. It’s most definitely worth it in the long run.


*Read on October 23rd, 2014

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