River Marked By Patricia Briggs

This is yet again another favorite of mine. More so for the fact that it really only contained Adam and Mercy this time. But also because of the new characters that were thrown into it. For they gave this novel the life that it needed, while proving to make quite the novel as well. Because if there’s one thing that Patricia Briggs can do, its spin a story in the direction that the reader wants.

After all the pain that Mercy and Adam have been through they’re finally married. A feat that Mercy wasn’t sure she’d actually go through, but she’s thankful that it’s finally done and over with. Mostly for the simple fact that she now gets to enjoy her honeymoon with Adam. Which is something that she’s been waiting for for a long time. So when Adam suggest going camping near the Columbia River, she’s all for it. Until she finds out the reason as to why they went. Because not only does the camper belong to Uncle Mike, but he also suggested where they may want to camp. An when the fae are involved, Mercy knows that there’s really something going on. Something that the Gray Lords can’t take care of themselves. So Mercy really shouldn’t be all that surprised when she sees a half-dead man in a boat. Or the story that he starts to tell of a giant river monster. One eating people and gaining stronger from it. But what really shocks Mercy is that there are other people just like her in Columbia. People that shift into other animals, but no coyote shifters. An these people are even more secretive than she is about themselves and others like them. However, Mercy will do whatever it takes to learn more about herself. Even if it means hounding these people left and right. But that’s currently not her main concern at the moment. Especially when the Columbia river monster starts to send her graphic images of the people it’s eating. Leaving Mercy with only one thing left to do. She’s going to kill it until she’s absolutely sure that it won’t harm anybody ever again.

This novel could be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. Even though it does have a little bit of romance added to it. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that its chalk full of werewolves, fae, shifters, and more importantly monsters. Which is something that I haven’t really seen before in this series. It was a fresh outlook on an already stimulating story plot. For this novel is full of drama, passion, mystery, monsters, and fight scenes that could very well take on the Spartans. It’s truly something to behold, and it’s the main reason as to why I’m giving this novel such an excellent recommendation. Because while we’re all pretty much hooked to this series so far, this novel is the one that truly takes the cake. It’s a novel that all urban fantasy lovers will enjoy for a long time. For it certainly stays in your mind for a while.


*Read on November 18th, 2012

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