Shadow Silence By Yasmine Galenorn

I found this novel to be quite a bit more interesting than the first one. This could be for the simple fact that there was too much information to digest at once in the first novel. In this novel it broke down that information, while also giving us new information at the same time. A tactic that doesn’t normally work, but for the series it actually makes the plot run a bit smoother than it already was.

The mystery behind the disappearance of Kerris’ parents has finally been solved. However, it won’t bring her parents back, but it does help to lessen the blow for her. Because she now knows that her parents didn’t really leave her. An in the process she now knows about her grandparents Ivy and Aiden. But even with that bit of good news it doesn’t stop the bad. For the Hounds of Cú Chulainn are being more relentless than normal. Making Kerris’ daily duties as a Spirit Shaman even harder for her. An her best friend Peggin is also having some difficulties. Because her landlord is kicking her out of the home that she loves. Forcing her to find a good home in less than a month. And Peggin being Peggin won’t take any help from anyone. An she won’t take any negative comments from her friends about the home that she’s chosen to buy. Because her choice is making Kerris fear for her friend’s life. Especially with her dream home being right upon the Lady of the Lake’s territory. But there’s nothing that Kerris can do when some other force is preventing her from speaking her fears. So she helps her friend move to her new home. And because of that her worst nightmare has come to life. For Peggin is indeed taken by the Lady of the Lake. However, the Lady doesn’t get to keep her, and now she’s furious. Putting a target on Peggin’s back, and a promise on her wrist. One that Kerris is determined to break. Even if it means risking her own life in the process. An her life is indeed at risk, for the Hounds of Cú Chulainn are about to strike when Kerris is at her most vulnerable.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. However, it should be in the urban fantasy section, just for the simple fact that there wasn’t that much romance within it. It had more to do with magic, ghost, shifters, and the undead than anything else. Heck, even the plot revolved around the spirits near the main character. Leaving me to ultimately believe that this novel has been misplaced when it comes to shelving it. But other than that it was a pretty decent read. The main characters had really started to develop well throughout this novel. Leaving me to give a good recommendation when it all comes down to it. For this novel went along perfectly with the last one in this series. An it was enchanting right up until the very end.


*Read on September 18th, 2017

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