The Sweetest Burn By Jeaniene Frost

This novel is just as good as the first one. If not better when it came to certain parts. It’s just the type of novel that we’ve all come to expect from Jeaniene Frost, who’s already such a fantastic author. For this novel certainly kept me wondering what would happen next. Which is something that hasn’t happened to me in a while. So with that being said it must be a pretty good read.

After learning that Adrian was raised as a demon Prince, Ivy has left him out of her life for good. Or as well as she can with all things considered. And the fact that he’s confessed that he’s in love with her means little to her now. Because how can Ivy trust someone who’s supposed to betray her in the end. However, it was Ivy that had once said that Adrian would never betray her in any way. But after learning about his past she’s completely changed her mind. Now her biggest concern is avoiding him at all cost, if completely possible. But not everybody can get what they wished for, and Ivy is no different. For another hallowed weapon has to be found, and Adrian is needed to help find it. Meaning that Ivy now has to suck it up and work with him. However, in Adrian’s mind it’s no problem for him at all. For he’s going to use all of his time trying to woo Ivy back to him. He just has to figure out a way to distract her mind from his past. And Adrian is willing to show Ivy some of his most hidden secrets to convince her that he truly loves her. Even if it means exposing parts of himself that he doesn’t want her to see. But for this to work Ivy has to trust him to some degree. An at the moment Ivy is finding that to be rather difficult. Except she has no other choice, but to trust him. Because the demons are starting to take over larger parts of her world. The very world that she’s trying so hard to protect. So in an attempt to help the people that are trapped in the demon realm, Ivy must trust Adrian with her life.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. Even though it’s actually classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. The reason for this being that it’s full of magic, angels, demons, and prophecy. It also has action, mystery, adventure, and a little bit of romance in it as well. But what makes this novel truly worthwhile is the plot itself. There is a bit of a I-don’t-want-him-but-I-do type theme to it, which we’ve seen in a lot of romance novels lately. However, what makes this one unique is the reason as to why the main character feels this way. Leaving me to give this novel a good recommendation on its behalf. Because if you’ve already read the first novel in this series, then you already want to read this one as well. It goes along with the first one beautifully, and it’s completely captivating at times.


*Read on October 26th, 2017

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