Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

I’m glad that the series is finally over. I was starting to get rather bored with it. Which is saying something when these novels are full of action. But when the plot stays the exact same throughout the series, it starts to get pretty redundant. So even if the characters had a bit of depth to them, it was still all wash away towards the end. Leaving me stranded with high hopes.

Only one good thing actually came from the zombie attacks for Nyx. That’d be seeing her older brother alive and well again. Because after twenty-two years he’s finally back where he belongs. Even if in all that time he didn’t age, or recognize Nyx for who she truly is. But that’s all water under the bridge for her, because she no longer has to suffer the thought of never seen her big brother again. And even though Nyx is as happy as she’ll ever be, something is bound to go wrong. For lately that’s all she’s been able to count on. And this time is no different from the last. So when good Nighttrackers just randomly go missing Nyx knows that something isn’t right. It’s all but confirmed for her when a well-known Proctor then goes missing as well. Putting most Nighttrackers in a similar state of panic. It’s even got Rodán in a tizzy, which is very unlike him. But regardless it has everyone on high alert. Because there’s also high evidence that Volod may be back in town to finish what he started. An this time he has his own special army. One that consists of vampiric paranorms and regular vampires alike. A feat that has never been conquered before. An it’s currently making Nyx more nervous than she’d like to admit. Because some of the Nighttrackers that were turned were her friends, making this a tough choice for her. However, her decision to go after Volod isn’t one at all. Especially, since he went as far as to take Rodán away from her. A mistake that he’s going to soon regret. For Nyx has taken it very personal, and its hit a fire under her. A fire that she puts into her orders for the remaining my trackers. Because with Rodán gone, she’s now in charge. And she’s ready to bring this fight to Volod.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that has a strong female character and a semi-decent plot. For it’s a better plot than the last four novels in this series. However, that doesn’t take away from all the character aspects that are within it. For these vampires, shifters, fae, dragons, werewolves, and so much more. Making it to where the little bit of romance that’s actually in this novel is basically swept under the rug. But in this case it’s not a bad thing. Because there was enough of a story to this novel to keep us amused. Leaving me to give my final recommendation for this novel. For while it’s not the best novel in the world, it’s at least the best novel in this series. So if you really want to read it, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, there’s plenty of other excellent novels out there to be read.


*Read on September 6th, 2017

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