Wicked Appetite By Janet Evanovich

Well that wasn’t an interesting novel. It was almost like I had read it before. Which is because I actually had with Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. The only difference between this series and that one being that it’s a bit more supernatural. Otherwise, it’s almost identical in every way possible. Meaning that I wasn’t overly impressed with this novel in the least.

Lizzy needed a major change in her life, so when her great Aunt Ophelia died it opened up a perfect opportunity for her to change. Especially since she inherited her Aunt’s historic looking Massachusetts home. Which only made the process easier for her in the end. An since Lizzy’s ability to bake is her very own amazing superpower, it only made sense that she would work in a bakery. Even if it’s not her own it still okay to her. Because she’ll get there in the end through her own blood, sweat, and tears. So the last thing she needs is for someone to drag her into something that she doesn’t want to do. But unfortunately that’s exactly what happens to her. For not only does one man show up at the bakery and burn her, but another one shows up later claiming that she’s his hound-dog of sorts. Saying that she can help find the hidden objects that eventually wake up the seven deadly sins. Because not only did her great-aunt leave her house, but she left her some magical abilities as well. The ability to be able to track down items and the ability to bake like a goddess. An thanks to this ability she now has to deal with a sexy man sleeping in her bed. Because according to Diesel he’s not about to leave Lizzy alone for one second. Even if it means that he has to sleep next to her to keep her clothes. However, this is going to be a true challenge for both Lizzy and Diesel. For even though they’re both attracted to each other, they can’t sleep with each other in the carnal sense. Because if they do one of them will lose the gift that makes them special. And to find the stones they need to keep their wits about them.

This novel would be classified as an adult mystery novel, and it can most likely be found in the mystery section of any bookstore. It’s a novel that also has a bit of urban fantasy within it as well. For it’s full of magic, excitement, and wonderment. However, while it may be packing in the mystery of this adventure, the plot is actually lacking. It’s been poorly written and is a bit more over-the-top in some places. It’s almost as if the characters felt the need to be over the top in every way possible. Making it seem rather dull at times as well. Which leads me to give this novel a not-so-good recommendation. For I wholeheartedly believe that there are better novels out there that actually deserve to be read over this one.


*Read on November 5th, 2017

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