Wicked Game By Jeri Smith-Ready

Well, didn’t this put a new twist to vampires everywhere. Especially, considering they have mental illnesses. Which isn’t something you’d think a vampire would have. And it only added to the mystery surrounding this novel. Heck, I liked it so much that I read it and under ten hours! A testimony to the power of this novel. Meaning that I can’t wait to see what the next one has in store for me.

Ciara has never been completely honest a day in her life. Which she completely blames her parents for, and she always will. Because once you’re con artist you’re always a con artist. An no matter how hard she tries Ciara just can’t escape it. So to help keep her busy she tries applying for a summer internship at a local radio station. An even though they know about her soiled past they could care less. Because this radio station is one with a big secret. However, the only way she can have the job is if all the DJs approve of her first. And when David opens the door to the basement Ciara is intrigued. Even more so when she finally gets to meet them all in person. Because each DJ looks like they’re from a different era. They even have that era’s lingo as well. An while they all approve of her and she gets the job something still doesn’t seem quite right. And it’s not until she reads her mandated work books that she figures it all out. They all seem to think that they’re vampires! Which is just way too much for Ciara to take. But even though she’s officially quit she still end up seeing the mysterious Shane. And taking him home is the worst thing that she could do. Because Shane proves to her that vampires really do exist, and that he’s one of them. Which isn’t the reality check that she was looking for. But now that she knows their secret she wants to know more. Except she finds out that a big wig company is trying to buy them out. And without the radio station all her new co-workers will fade away. So with that in mind Ciara decides to resort to one last con before she truly comes clean.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. One that has that classic rock-n-roll type theme to its plot. And while I’m not normally a fan of these types of mashups, this one went surprisingly well. This had more to do with the main character and her background than anything else though. It provided a good storyline when it came down to a few of the choices that she made within this novel. Especially considering the twist that went along with its plot. Which is leaving me to give it a pretty good recommendation overall. An I do recommend that you give this novel a go. It’s a fresh new outtake on the vampire world, and it’ll amuse any urban fantasy lover out there.


*Read on September 7th, 2017

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