Zombies Sold Separately By Cheyenne McCray

I didn’t prefer this novel as much as I did the last one. It just seemed to be lacking in the plot department. Which honestly made it seem a little dull at times. But other than that, it wasn’t a terrible read. The characters added new information for the storyline, which in turn added more depth. A fact that is rather pleasing since the main characters were starting to seem like they weren’t able to change. Personality wise that is.

Nyx is still reeling from what happened with the vampires. It’s the closest that she’s ever come to dying, and it’s a process that she doesn’t ever want to go over again. It’s right up there with experiencing her brother’s death again. An Nyx will do whatever it takes to stop those flashbacks from occurring. Especially when it comes down to the monsters who almost destroyed her home. Because the only good zombie is a dead zombie. But Nyx doesn’t have to worry about that, because there hasn’t been a trace of them in twenty-two years. That is, until most recently. For a series of random attacks is starting to look rather suspicious. Especially when Nyx and Olivia find out that there’s a pattern to them. However, that’s not even the worst part about them. Because whatever caused these attacks did it with blunt teeth. Human-like blunt teeth. Which sends Nyx back to that fateful day when she was five all over again. Meaning that only one thing could have torn those people apart. Zombies! The very zombies that are trying to take over Earth for their very own. Which is just upgraded Nyx’s belief that it’s personal, to its extremely personal. Because she’s come to love Earth and the people that come with it. So there’s nothing that she won’t do to save it. Even when her heart has been recently broken by the man she loves. Because throughout this current mess, Adam has decided that they simply won’t work out. They’re two different people from two different worlds. And he wants a woman that can be around his family. Which is exactly what he told her when he broke up with her. And now Nyx’s attention is divided, and if she’s not careful she may not make it through this ordeal.

This novel would be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. For it’s a type of novel that has many aspects for its characters. Aspects such as elves, shifters, dragons, demons, vampires, zombies, and so much more. It’s like a melting pot full of supernatural creatures all in one novel. And with this novel’s plot it actually went along better than one would think. However, this is only because of the simple fact that a new main character was added to the mix. Which helped to heighten this novel’s sense of romance. For it was starting to fizzle out in the last one. So if I have to give a recommendation for this novel I’d have to say that it’s an okay read. In the sense that it’s not really all that great, but that it’s certainly getting better as the series continues.


*Read on August 11th, 2017

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