About Me

I’m Katie and this is Blackhearted Book Reviews.  This is just a little tidbit about me as a person and why I got into doing reviews for others.  Now I’m not going to state my age, because I believe that age is in the eyes of the beholder.  You could be ten and wise beyond your years or you could be ten and dumb as a rock.  I’ve seen many examples of each and therefor chose to ignore it.  Well I live in Illinois and have so far for all of my life.  I love my job at the hospital and even dream of asking for a different one.  I have a pet sugar gilder, which I absolutely adore.  He thinks he can do no wrong and sometimes I indulge him in his fantasies.  I also have an amazing boyfriend for about five years now, who also thinks he could do no wrong.  I fell in love with reading at a young age and have been reading ever since.  Picking up a book and flipping the pages relaxes me beyond must beliefs.  I love to read in my spare time and have been known to stop whatever I’m doing to pick up the nearest book.  If I had to chose my favorite category I’d choose urban fantasy, but I read just about anything with a good cover on it.  The cover of a novel is my favorite part, because it’s the gateway that leads you towards a whole new world.  If I’m not a big fan of a cover, then that novel has about a fifty-fifty chance of me reading it.  If I really like a novel then after I’m done reading it the author of that novel becomes my favorite until I find a different one I like even more.  Now as much as I’d love to continue talking about myself, I think it’s high time to leave it at that.  I hope that you enjoy my blog, for whatever reason you choose, and I hope you’ll use it again in the future.  Don’t forget to message me with any novel recommendations.




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