How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days By Kerrelyn Sparks

Oh my God, where has this novel been all my life? Because this novel is completely different from any other like it. It had me captivated from the first chapter, and with its plot it would be hard for it not to. I mean come on now, it’s so unique and different, and yet it’s… Continue reading How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days By Kerrelyn Sparks

Tempt Me With Darkness By Shayla Black

This truly was a pleasantly- and surprisingly- good read. It not only had a good plot, but some great characters as well. It’s a novel that gives us a look at what the author thinks of the medieval’s King Arthur. A tale that has intrigued many people throughout the years. However, Shayla Black has given… Continue reading Tempt Me With Darkness By Shayla Black

Midnight’s Kiss By Thea Harrison

I really did enjoy this novel. But then again it is my kind of novel, so why wouldn’t I like it. The fact that I read this novel within a day also says something about it. Something along the line of-wow! What a novel!-perhaps. Because that’s quite certainly what this novel was. It was a… Continue reading Midnight’s Kiss By Thea Harrison

Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep

I quite honestly can’t believe that I’m still reading this series after all this time. It’s been well over ten years now since I first picked up the first novel in the series. And now I can quite honestly say that I’m not going to stop reading these novels anytime soon. Hell, this is novel… Continue reading Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep

Night’s End By Yasmine Galenorn

I’m extremely glad that this novel is finally over. Mostly for the simple fact that I was starting to see where the plot was going. In the second novel to be exact. Which just made it harder for me to stay with the story. But other than that this is a good novel. It was… Continue reading Night’s End By Yasmine Galenorn