No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole

  I’m actually finding the series to be very entertaining to say the least. This novel in particular did a very good job of keeping me hooked. It has elements that even I wasn’t expecting, and because of this I was highly delighted. Which isn’t like me at all, to say the least. Kresley Cole… Continue reading No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole

Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

I really do hate reading new novels a year or more after the last one in a series. It throws me off, an then I have to reread the whole series over again. And unfortunately that’s what I did with this novel. While I loved reading this one I couldn’t help but be aware that… Continue reading Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

Fair Game By Patricia Briggs

  This novel was a fairly decent novel to read. I rather enjoyed all the witty banter and the decisions that went along with it. It made for quite an excellent novel. But if I’m being honest it would have been good regardless, for the fact that it’s one of Patricia Briggs’ novels. I still… Continue reading Fair Game By Patricia Briggs

Dark Needs At Night’s Edge By Kresley Cole

I actually enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. It’s one of those novels were you’re not giving any information on, and it usually doesn’t turn out too well. However, in this case I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The only reason I had to was because I had to work… Continue reading Dark Needs At Night’s Edge By Kresley Cole

Dark Desires After Dusk By Kresley Cole

Wow! I wasn’t even sure if I really wanted to hear this story, but I’m glad that I did. It didn’t actually bring a lot to the table whatsoever. However, I feel like this doesn’t matter if I enjoyed the story’s plot. Which I did immensely. I even took my time reading it, mostly due… Continue reading Dark Desires After Dusk By Kresley Cole