A Fire In The Blood By Amanda Ashley

I didn’t actually like this novel as much as I originally thought I would. It bored me beyond belief at times, and that’s actually rather hard to do. An because of that it took me a rather long time to read it. Mostly because this is just one big book of paranormal cliché after another.… Continue reading A Fire In The Blood By Amanda Ashley

Crimson Bound By Rosamund Hodge

I fell absolutely in love with this novel. Just like I did with Rosamund Hodge’s Cruel Beauty. It’s dark and twisted and it left me quite captivated. Which is exactly what I want when an author does a retelling of a famous fairy tale. It has to be something completely new, while also trying to… Continue reading Crimson Bound By Rosamund Hodge

Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep

I quite honestly can’t believe that I’m still reading this series after all this time. It’s been well over ten years now since I first picked up the first novel in the series. And now I can quite honestly say that I’m not going to stop reading these novels anytime soon. Hell, this is novel… Continue reading Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep