The Sweetest Burn By Jeaniene Frost

This novel is just as good as the first one. If not better when it came to certain parts. It’s just the type of novel that we’ve all come to expect from Jeaniene Frost, who’s already such a fantastic author. For this novel certainly kept me wondering what would happen next. Which is something that… Continue reading The Sweetest Burn By Jeaniene Frost

Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

I’m glad that the series is finally over. I was starting to get rather bored with it. Which is saying something when these novels are full of action. But when the plot stays the exact same throughout the series, it starts to get pretty redundant. So even if the characters had a bit of depth… Continue reading Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

Zombies Sold Separately By Cheyenne McCray

I didn’t prefer this novel as much as I did the last one. It just seemed to be lacking in the plot department. Which honestly made it seem a little dull at times. But other than that, it wasn’t a terrible read. The characters added new information for the storyline, which in turn added more… Continue reading Zombies Sold Separately By Cheyenne McCray

Vampires Not Invited By Cheyenne McCray

Well, wasn’t this novel just chapters full of drama! Even more so than the last one. Which only made this novel more interesting to me. And considering this series has the potential to get boring, that’s saying something. But for once I was actually entertained. This novel took certain aspects from the previous novel, and… Continue reading Vampires Not Invited By Cheyenne McCray

No Werewolves Allowed By Cheyenne McCray

  This novel was much better than the last one. It certainly knows how to catch your eye, and then keep you hooked into it. Which is probably due entirely to the fact that the werewolves had more detail to them then the demons did. And this only seemed to enhance this novel even more.… Continue reading No Werewolves Allowed By Cheyenne McCray

Demons Not Included By Cheyenne McCray

This novel wasn’t what I originally thought I’d be. I guess I was thinking that it’d have more action to it. More filling material I guess. However, that doesn’t mean that this was a terrible novel. Because it wasn’t by any means. It was rather interesting in a unique way. Making it a somewhat faster… Continue reading Demons Not Included By Cheyenne McCray

Shadow’s Claim By Kresley Cole

This novel is actually a lot more interesting than I thought it’d be. I had assumed that it was going to be a slow one, but it wasn’t all. It had a to-die-for plot that just kept giving more and more. It’s the kind of plot that you hope an author may use, but that… Continue reading Shadow’s Claim By Kresley Cole

Dark Skye By Kresley Cole

This novel has been long awaited for for a very long time now. Or at least it very well seems that way. Mostly due to the fact that it was mentioned in quite a few other novels within this series. Making it to where we could never really quit thinking about it. And despite all… Continue reading Dark Skye By Kresley Cole

Lothaire By Kresley Cole

I actually enjoyed this novel very much. It’s one of the novels that I was hoping to read soon, and I’m thankfully it didn’t disappoint me. The only reason it took me so long to read was because of the fact that I just moved. Otherwise, I would have gotten it done sooner. I’m just… Continue reading Lothaire By Kresley Cole