Wicked Game By Jeri Smith-Ready

Well, didn’t this put a new twist to vampires everywhere. Especially, considering they have mental illnesses. Which isn’t something you’d think a vampire would have. And it only added to the mystery surrounding this novel. Heck, I liked it so much that I read it and under ten hours! A testimony to the power of… Continue reading Wicked Game By Jeri Smith-Ready

Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

I’m glad that the series is finally over. I was starting to get rather bored with it. Which is saying something when these novels are full of action. But when the plot stays the exact same throughout the series, it starts to get pretty redundant. So even if the characters had a bit of depth… Continue reading Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

Dark Seduction By Brenda Joyce

I’ll be quite honest in regards to this novel. It confused the hell out of me in the first few chapters. Starting off right in the middle of the novel and then switching back to the beginning wasn’t a very smart move. It almost made me quit reading, because my confusion just kept getting worse… Continue reading Dark Seduction By Brenda Joyce

Possess Me At Midnight By Shayla Black

I actually enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. But this could be for the simple fact that this particular novel has been built up quite a bit. Especially in the last two novels. And even if it hadn’t, this still makes this a truly unique novel. One that kept me up late… Continue reading Possess Me At Midnight By Shayla Black

Seduce Me In Shadow By Shayla Black

This novel went along perfectly with the previous one from this series. Mostly for the simple fact that the anguished warrior character finally popped up. Making this novel a bit more exciting to read. It just draws you in until all you can think about is that one character. Which just made me read this… Continue reading Seduce Me In Shadow By Shayla Black

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires By Katie MacAlister

This novel wasn’t what I thought it’d be at all. It’s almost like the cover deceives you into thinking its one thing, while in reality it’s something completely different. Because the fact remains that this novel had less to do with vampires than I was really hoping for. Which left me sorely disappointed, but I… Continue reading A Girl’s Guide to Vampires By Katie MacAlister

Bone Crossed By Patricia Briggs

I enjoyed this novel just as much as the rest of this series. This novel in particular added quite the spark. Because unlike the other ones, this novel is the aftermath to the second novel in the series. It’s also a novel that has been well awaited for, and is surely didn’t disappoint me. Because… Continue reading Bone Crossed By Patricia Briggs

Crimson Bound By Rosamund Hodge

I fell absolutely in love with this novel. Just like I did with Rosamund Hodge’s Cruel Beauty. It’s dark and twisted and it left me quite captivated. Which is exactly what I want when an author does a retelling of a famous fairy tale. It has to be something completely new, while also trying to… Continue reading Crimson Bound By Rosamund Hodge

Tempt Me With Darkness By Shayla Black

This truly was a pleasantly- and surprisingly- good read. It not only had a good plot, but some great characters as well. It’s a novel that gives us a look at what the author thinks of the medieval’s King Arthur. A tale that has intrigued many people throughout the years. However, Shayla Black has given… Continue reading Tempt Me With Darkness By Shayla Black