Scent of Darkness By Christina Dodd

  I’ve read this novel about four different times now and I still love it. It’s actually one of the few novels that I happen to own. Because of this fact I simply can’t get away from this series no matter how hard I try. That’s just how good these novels truly are. They’ve got… Continue reading Scent of Darkness By Christina Dodd

Into The Flame By Christina Dodd

  Out of this whole series this novel was probably my least favorite. I was never really impressed with the main character, but I still loved the story’s plot. Which must say something about this novel because I still own it. And after reading it at least twice I still enjoy it. I still enjoy… Continue reading Into The Flame By Christina Dodd

Carnal Sin By Allison Brennan

This novel was something else that’s for sure.  It wasn’t a bad novel, but it wasn’t a great one either.  It’s somewhere in between them, but I’m not real sure it’s equally between them either.  I loved the fact that Rafe and Moria finally got together.  That made the novel for me just because I… Continue reading Carnal Sin By Allison Brennan