River Marked By Patricia Briggs

This is yet again another favorite of mine. More so for the fact that it really only contained Adam and Mercy this time. But also because of the new characters that were thrown into it. For they gave this novel the life that it needed, while proving to make quite the novel as well. Because… Continue reading River Marked By Patricia Briggs

Frost Burned By Patricia Briggs

I’m not going to lie, this novel made me sad. Even when I already knew what would happen, I still wasn’t prepared for it. Which tells you the magnitude that’s behind this novel. For it’s a powerful thing that really shows what a fantastic writer Patricia Briggs is. She knows how to captivate her readers… Continue reading Frost Burned By Patricia Briggs

Iron Kissed By Patricia Briggs

This is still my favorite novel in this whole series by far. It just has so much raw potential to it. Which only made it that much better to read. But if I’m being quite honest it isn’t that hard when you have an amazing author like Patricia Briggs writing it for you. She just… Continue reading Iron Kissed By Patricia Briggs

Night Broken By Patricia Briggs

I want to say that this is my second favorite novel in this series. Just because of the simple fact that Christy is in it. Which added a whole lot of flavor to the mix. A well worth it flavor that was a long time in the making. An it worked out beautifully with this… Continue reading Night Broken By Patricia Briggs

Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

This is the second time that I’ve read this series, and I’m still in love with it. This is perhaps due to the fact that Patricia Briggs is one of the best urban fantasy writers that I’ve ever come across. And that’s truly saying something about her writing capabilities. Because I’m a big urban fantasy… Continue reading Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

Vampires Not Invited By Cheyenne McCray

Well, wasn’t this novel just chapters full of drama! Even more so than the last one. Which only made this novel more interesting to me. And considering this series has the potential to get boring, that’s saying something. But for once I was actually entertained. This novel took certain aspects from the previous novel, and… Continue reading Vampires Not Invited By Cheyenne McCray

No Werewolves Allowed By Cheyenne McCray

  This novel was much better than the last one. It certainly knows how to catch your eye, and then keep you hooked into it. Which is probably due entirely to the fact that the werewolves had more detail to them then the demons did. And this only seemed to enhance this novel even more.… Continue reading No Werewolves Allowed By Cheyenne McCray