Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep

I quite honestly can’t believe that I’m still reading this series after all this time. It’s been well over ten years now since I first picked up the first novel in the series. And now I can quite honestly say that I’m not going to stop reading these novels anytime soon. Hell, this is novel… Continue reading Bitter Bite By Jennifer Estep

Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

I really do hate reading new novels a year or more after the last one in a series. It throws me off, an then I have to reread the whole series over again. And unfortunately that’s what I did with this novel. While I loved reading this one I couldn’t help but be aware that… Continue reading Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

Spider’s Trap By Jennifer Estep

I still love this series after all this time. It’s hard to believe that this is the thirteenth novel in this series. Heck, I wouldn’t care if it’s the twentieth novel, I’d still continue to read them. This is because Jennifer Estep has created a whole new world that I would love to live in.… Continue reading Spider’s Trap By Jennifer Estep