Wicked Game By Jeri Smith-Ready

Well, didn’t this put a new twist to vampires everywhere. Especially, considering they have mental illnesses. Which isn’t something you’d think a vampire would have. And it only added to the mystery surrounding this novel. Heck, I liked it so much that I read it and under ten hours! A testimony to the power of… Continue reading Wicked Game By Jeri Smith-Ready

Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

I’m glad that the series is finally over. I was starting to get rather bored with it. Which is saying something when these novels are full of action. But when the plot stays the exact same throughout the series, it starts to get pretty redundant. So even if the characters had a bit of depth… Continue reading Vampires Dead Ahead By Cheyenne McCray

Silver Borne By Patricia Briggs

This actually wasn’t my favorite novel in this series. I’m not saying that it’s an awful novel, because it certainly wasn’t. It’s a good novel, but it just wasn’t on my top three list. There just wasn’t as much action in it, and Patricia Briggs is all about the action. An while there is some… Continue reading Silver Borne By Patricia Briggs