Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

This is the second time that I’ve read this series, and I’m still in love with it. This is perhaps due to the fact that Patricia Briggs is one of the best urban fantasy writers that I’ve ever come across. And that’s truly saying something about her writing capabilities. Because I’m a big urban fantasy… Continue reading Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

Zombies Sold Separately By Cheyenne McCray

I didn’t prefer this novel as much as I did the last one. It just seemed to be lacking in the plot department. Which honestly made it seem a little dull at times. But other than that, it wasn’t a terrible read. The characters added new information for the storyline, which in turn added more… Continue reading Zombies Sold Separately By Cheyenne McCray

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires By Katie MacAlister

This novel wasn’t what I thought it’d be at all. It’s almost like the cover deceives you into thinking its one thing, while in reality it’s something completely different. Because the fact remains that this novel had less to do with vampires than I was really hoping for. Which left me sorely disappointed, but I… Continue reading A Girl’s Guide to Vampires By Katie MacAlister

A Fire In The Blood By Amanda Ashley

I didn’t actually like this novel as much as I originally thought I would. It bored me beyond belief at times, and that’s actually rather hard to do. An because of that it took me a rather long time to read it. Mostly because this is just one big book of paranormal cliché after another.… Continue reading A Fire In The Blood By Amanda Ashley

Bone Crossed By Patricia Briggs

I enjoyed this novel just as much as the rest of this series. This novel in particular added quite the spark. Because unlike the other ones, this novel is the aftermath to the second novel in the series. It’s also a novel that has been well awaited for, and is surely didn’t disappoint me. Because… Continue reading Bone Crossed By Patricia Briggs

Midnight’s Kiss By Thea Harrison

I really did enjoy this novel. But then again it is my kind of novel, so why wouldn’t I like it. The fact that I read this novel within a day also says something about it. Something along the line of-wow! What a novel!-perhaps. Because that’s quite certainly what this novel was. It was a… Continue reading Midnight’s Kiss By Thea Harrison